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Common Foot Problems We Treat

You have one pair of feet to last a lifetime…

No matter what your age or lifestyle, healthy feet are an important part of your overall good health. It is possible to manage the symptoms of many common foot problems. If you have any on-going concerns or issues about your feet or footwear seek advice from CBD Podiatry – Melbourne.

Ankle sprains are a common accidental injury that can happen to the fittest athlete or to a person who moves very little at all. Ankle sprains often occur after losing balance, where the unstable ankle experiences a sharp twist.


The ankle can be either strained or sprained.
A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon overstretches. A sprain is a more serious condition and occurs when a ligament (connects one bone to another) becomes overstretched.


If you suffer an ankle sprain pain can be mild aching to intense, expect swelling of the ankle, bruising and ankle stiffness.


A sprain requires early attention; treat an acute sprain as soon as you can!

Follow standard management, rest the injured ankle as much as possible, apply an ice pack for 20 minutes on the hour as long as swelling persists, compress the ankle and foot firmly (not tightly) with a wrapped elastic bandage, elevate the foot to minimise bruising and swelling.

Consult a podiatrist or GP if you are worried about the injury, or the pain or swelling has not gone down significantly within 48 hours.
An accurate diagnosis is essential for proper rehabilitation of moderate to severe injuries.


Have you sprained your Ankle?
If there is a tendency to roll over on you ankle, or you have sprained your ankle and require assessment and ankle rehabilitation, CBD Podiatry – Melbourne can help you with this and give you advice on appropriate footwear, shoe-lacing techniques, stretching and strengthening of the ankle and surrounding muscles and advise if orthotic therapy may help to provide greater ankle stability as a preventative measure.

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