You have one pair of feet to last a lifetime,
let CBD Podiatry – Melbourne assist you
on your journey …

In a lifetime, our feet can suffer enormous wear and tear including overuse, neglect, infection, injury and disease; however, seeing a podiatrist can help to keep us on our feet for life. Our Melbourne Podiatry clinic is conveniently located at the top end of Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD.

CBD Podiatry – Melbourne at Uniquely Chiropractic, is AHPRA Registered. Our staff are university qualified, with over 25 years of experience. We are ready to assist you with any foot problem you might have. BOOK NOW

Diabetes, flat feet, heel pain, issues with hard skin, ingrown or painful nails, itchy feet – yip really! planter fasciitis, require orthotics, require nail bracing, warts and all – we can help! No problem too small or too embarrassing for this CBD Melbourne Podiatrist. We’ve seen it all and we can fix it! Come to our CBD Melbourne Podiatry clinic today.

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